Corporate Social Responsibility

Our company, the TOPI TOI Ltd. - market-leading toilet cabin supplier in Hungary - is committed to the realization of ambitions involving social and environmental protecting benefits.

Corporate social responsibility is an integral part of our marketing strategy.

The Corporate Social Responsibility consists the following:

Environmental sustainability:

we are popularizing our developments and the importance of our associate's environmentalist behaviour, and we are realizing our investments satisfying the highest environmental protection requirements;

Equal chance at the workplace:

we are actively supporting the participation of women, entrants and members of minorities in the differing workflows;

Ethical marketing behaviour:

we are respecting the rights of our employees; we've developed proper surroundings, safe workplace and tidied inner labour relations, and by the means of our ethical behaviour we are assisting the growth of the economy by improving the quality of life of the local community and society;

Sport and cultural subsidy or rather communal participation.

Our aim is to support those business intentions that are not just come with economical, but with social and environmental benefits at the same time. Our company has visions and values that aren't considering just the atmosphere of the workplace as a part of the marketing strategy, but also the communal participation, the development of local economy and the environmental and marketing effects. .

The governing principle of the Corporate Social Responsibility and the positive proceeds of our company, guided by high ethical norms, are fixing our business position at the market and easing the long-term cooperation with our Clients and Partners.

Education Helping Responsibility

With our continuously provided subsidy to the Radványi György Technical College at Gyula we are significantly assisting the improvement of the educational quality.

In 2003 and 2004 we'd supported the "International Guide-Dog Summit" with our free services, which had been organized by the "Pliers with Guide-dog" and the "Guide-dog Teaching School" together.

We are providing regular support to the German Gentilitial Elementary and Art School for it's program at Pilisszentiván's Day.

Supporting Sports

During the past 3 years the competitors of the Hungarian Shidokan Karate Association had got to numerous international competitions with our help, and they had enriched the efficiency list of the Hungarian Fighting Arts with several winner awards.


Organized by the Autonomy of Pilisvörösvár our company is regularly endorsing the summer encampments of handicapped children.


We had given subsidy to the "Media for Society" programme, which was established by the Hungarian Business Leaders Forum in 2004.

We had supported the Adorján Endre Fire Department for the good of our commitment for our social responsibility, in the interest of the successful settlement of the "Firemen's Combat".


A healthy way of life is very important in our days.

Our company is prominently supporting the importance of fighting against breast cancer.

We had supported the campaign launched by the Hungarian League Against the Cancer and called the "Bridge of Health", which is drawing the female society's attention to the importance of regular screening.